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About HeadFirst

HeadFirst is a biotechnology startup that is developing a game-changing concussion detection device utilizing saliva. 


Our Mission

Revolutionizing Concussion Screening

At HeadFirst, our mission is to improve the safety of athletes and individuals by providing a reliable concussion screening tool. We are committed to developing an innovative and scientifically sound solution that use saliva to detect concussions quickly. Our goal is to empower athletic therapists, team trainers, and medical professionals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and protect the health of their athletes and patients.

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Our Journey So Far

September 2022

HeadFirst is Founded

HeadFirst was founded with the goal of revolutionizing concussion screening. Our team of biotechnology experts and researchers began working tirelessly to develop a concussion detection device.

January 2023

First Prototype is Successfully Tested

After extensive research and development, we successfully developed the first proof-of-concept of the concussion detection device. The results were promising, and we continue to refine the device.

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HeadFirst In The Press

Coming soon...

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